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We are experienced former investment lenders and small business operators

Mike Johnston founded JVM Capital.  He is an ICC (A) General Contractor holding licenses throughout the lower 48. Mike left the Telecom industry knowing two things with absolute certainty: most small businesses need help managing their cash flow, and those same businesses are not getting the help they need. After a year of interviewing multiple lenders, he created FundingChoice, a flexible invoice financing platform. Mike joined forces with his former Factoring Representative, Jackie. Together they built JVM Capital, designed specifically to help small business owners. 

We created the FundingChoice Program to help our clients relieve their cash flow nightmares.  You’ve heard the old standard refrain – “most businesses fail because of a lack of capital”.  More often, however, business failure is the result of an unworkable cash flow structure. 

Our customers come to us because they cannot cover the float between submitting invoice and receiving payment.  We solve that problem – and they get back to growing their business. 





With 10 years of experience in the financial industry, I am dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to all clients.  During my tenure as a Senior Account Executive at a factoring firm, I managed accounts receivable portfolio of roughly $30MM.


My knowledge of this industry is deep, and my attention to detail benefits clients while moving through the factoring process. From the set up stage to the funding stage, I will ensure quality and efficiency every step of the way.

What separates me from other financial consultants is my real life experience in business finance and accounting. As well as working as a Account Manager at JVM Capital, I am also the CFO of a small businesses in Winter Garden, FL that totals over $4MM/year in gross revenue. From payroll to managing financial statements, my inside experience offers a greater understanding and analysis of your small business needs. 

Account Manager

That is JVM Capital in a nutshell – we fix cash flow, our clients thrive.

Our most popular platform is a flexible factoring program that allows us to modify our terms to fit our clients’ payment arrangements with their customers.


JVM Capital’s foundation understands the cash flow needs of small businesses inside and out. Here’s a few reasons you should choose JVM Capital over another factor:

  • Same Day funding – that’s right, as long as you get everything needed into us we can get your invoices funded within 24 hours of receipt!

  • LOW RATES! We can offer rates as low as 2% on most applications!

  • Dedicated and understanding team – our history and experience speaks for itself. 

  • Advance rates as high as 90%

  • Financial assistance – we provide credit checks on your customers as well as offer assistance on your everyday finances outside of invoice financing! 

  • A lender’s worries are not the same as your worries. We are here to volunteer advice to improve your cash flow, our mutual growth benefits from your success. Our approach is very simple – we don’t have customers – we have clients. 

  • As a Client, our advice to you is solely for your benefit.

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