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Tips for Growing Your Business

Updated: Feb 3

I’ve been asked several times, "Have you ever been bankrupt?"

My answer is always the same,“Oh Hell Yes, I’ve gone bankrupt at least 6 times, but I've only had to file once.”

I believe strongly that small business people are the economic backbone of our country, yet a large majority of small businesses fail. This says two things about us as Americans:

  1. We are not afraid to jump.

  2. We might want to plan our jump a little better.

If you are reading this, you have already jumped, and perhaps you’re even in midair. So, let’s do a little catching up on the planning.

First – take some time and read Michael Gerber’s book, “The E-Myth Revisited”. In this book you are going to learn:

  • Certain tasks are absolutely vital to growing a dynamic business. You will also learn those tasks/obligations/positions of authority must be assigned to individuals in your company who will take responsibility to perform as required.

  • There is a general hierarchy of officer positions that must be acknowledged, assigned and duties performed, whether your company is just you, or 100 people.

  • How to develop a vison directing the growth of your company. The ultimate goal of Gerber’s mentoring is to create a stand-alone company that does not need to be attached to you, its founder.

If, however, you want an independent business that pays you for your expertise, you might want to read “Built to Last”, by Collins & Porras. They will give you a variety of mission statements and endeavors adopted by many of America’s most successful corporations. You might even find inspiration in the book that helps you pursue a purpose bigger than yourself.

Most independent operators who achieve a vanguard position among their peers do so without making monetary gain a priority.

Contrary to the last paragraph, our mission is to understand the needs of our clients, help them finance their needs and grow their business. Your business success relies upon several conditions. Financing is only one of those requirements, we will help with all of them.

JVM Capital will go the extra mile to get you the funds you need, and more importantly, we can give you the tools to expand.

At JVM Capital we are experienced former investment lenders and small business operators. We work with companies across the U.S. We’ve been there, so take advantage of our experience and our approach to helping you and your business. We take the long view, and we are here in your corner for all 15 rounds.

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